Things seem to get worse in Bali as there are chances of a volcanic burst again in the place. Last week, thick clouds of dark ash were replaced by a much less intense plume of steam. Still, there are chances of another explosion in volcano according to Indonesia’s Volcanology & Geological Disaster Mitigation Agency (PVMBG). This news was shared by them on Monday.

This morning white steam was visible and they were rising to 1,500 m above the volcano’s summit. As far as the external atmosphere is concerned, the cloud is getting clear, but the explosion in the volcano has made people extremely scared.

The alert levels in Bali remain at their maximum level, as experts are warning that an eruption could happen at any time.

Heather Handley, a volcanologist explained that Mount Agung is “clearly still in an active phase. So, we can’t be complacent at this point. We have to wait till the time it becomes completely silent.”

When the Bali volcano erupted ten days back, it sent up the smoke and ash and produced dangerous mudflows called as lahars.

A week ago Joachim Gottsmann, head of volcanology warned that the lahars could be the precursor to deadly pyroclastic flows. “The eruption might end abruptly, continue or escalate to a major eruption,” he spoke to one local newspaper.

When it comes to volcanic eruptions, they are almost impossible to predict accurately. The only way to know of its occurrence is by checking its historical data that doesn’t seem to be very promising. Most of the localities have been vacated, but still there are some who can’t leave because of their livelihood. We can only pray to GOD that they remain safe and no other explosion happens in the crater. We’ll keep you updated with the volcano news about Bali here.